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Punjabi Staff Curry

A simple, slow cooked on-the-bone Chicken curry. Here is the video of Misty Ricardo cooking it Punjabi Chicken 'Staff' Curry (On-the-Bone deliciousness) - YouTube he is amazing and this is his recipe, I'd recommend anyone who loves curry buys his book(s). Here's the link to use for pre ordering his new Curry Compendium that comes out in September from Amazon UK:

cooked with thighs, 2023, feeds 4 at 506 calories

cooked with legs, 1655, feeds 4 at 414 calories

cooked with lamb, 2975, feeds 4 at 744 calories

60ml oil (4tbsp) sunflower/veg) (17SP) (470 cals)

Medium high heat.

5-10cm cassia bark

3 green cardamoms (split)

3 cloves

1-1.25 level tbsp cumin seeds

Cook for 30-45 seconds, stirring frequently. Get the cumin sizzling and crackling.

Add 1.5 tbsp ginger garlic paste (I used frozen) (15 cals)

Fry for a minute stirring often, until the sizzling of the past subsides and it starts to brown.

Add 2 large onions, roughly chopped. (80 cals)

Stir and continue cooking for 10 – 15 minutes, or until the onion has turned brown around the edges. Stir frequently, making sure any bits that stick to the bottom of the pan are mixed back in (there is a lot of flavour in the caramelised bits).

Add a little extra oil or if the mixture seems too dry, and to help stop the onions burning.

1kg chicken thighs (1208 calories) and/or legs, skinless clean and trimmed but on the bone. (25SP) (840 calories). Chop them into medium sized chunks, keeping the bone within where possible. A good butcher will gladly do the work for you. (or use lamb - lamb loin chops = 2160)

Continue frying for a few minutes, stirring frequently until the meat is sealed and lightly browned.

Add a splash of water to deglaze the pan, so to mx those flavoursome, caramelised bits back in.

Add 3 large fresh tomatoes, roughly chopped. (60 calories)

2-3 tbsp double concentrate tomato puree (1SP) (18 calories)

A handful of fresh coriander stalks, finely chopped (10 calories)

and 2-3 fresh green/red chillies, sliced. Stir well (10 calories)

Add 1.25 tbsp methi (25 calories)

2 tsp salt

1.25 tsp garam masala (15 calories)

2 tsp turmeric (16 calories)

2tsp paprika (12 calories)

2 tsp curry powder (e.g. mild madras) (14 calories)

Mix well.

Turn down heat to very low, and cover.

Let simmer very slowly for 60-90 minutes until the chicken bones have released their stock flavour, and the chicken is tender.

Take the lid off 15 minutes before the end of cooking to allow the sauce to reduce and become very thick.

There will be no need to add any extra water, as the chicken will release a lot.

Add 4tbsp natural yogurt (60 calories) and a good handful of fresh coriander leaves (10 calories)

and cook for a final 5 minutes.


Now to serve and taste – extra calories: Use chapati (68 calories) or naan bread (calories vary) to eat never cutlery (it’s tradition), watch out for loose bits of bone and the whole spices.

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